About Us

Beauty. Healing. Luxury. 

 Goddessology is a store that was established to help women and girls feel beautiful in their natural skin with the enhancements of luxurious and unique accessories. This business is built to make everyone feel beautiful with the accessories they possess. Due to this concept, our brand makes sure to try and accommodate all types of customers, whether they have an issue finding beautiful products that don't make them break out or finding the perfect pieces to develop and express their aesthetics. Jewelry and accessories can be the aspects that enhance one's beauty and confidence from within and build the building blocks of creating the mindset of a goddess, that exudes a luxurious aura. Women and Girls and anyone who identify as such, even men should understand that we are goddesses/gods, and our skin, body, and soul deserve to be pampered with products that they love. Thus, time, energy, and care go through each one of the products presented in our store. And, Through the development of this website, more products will be produced to help our buyers in any and every way to feel beautiful. 

This website was developed in 2020, during a global pandemic, however, the idea of this business sparked in the young mind of a high-school student in 2019. At 14, she went through years of wondering what products and items could make her feel beautiful, unique, and luxurious. However, skin issues such as eczema were prominent in her life. For many years many products and accessories didn't work well with her skin's chemistry because the materials used were not authentic. From a natural material that works well with skin, thus she created her brand and company and developed the concept that she can help others going through the same issues decorate their skin with beautiful pieces that coincide with their aura, ultimately helping them feel gorgeous in their skin. 

Elizabeth Abriana Dickey was that high schooler, and she is here to create, provide, develop, manufacture and or choose products that help her fellow beautiful woman/man to embody what they are....a God/dess.